Best FootBall Stadium in the world

Best Football Ground

Football is the very famous game in the Europe. as the football is  famous in the Europe as per people of the Europe  is also like the football game.  everybody  like a child , younger and a  men also like a football game.  every European country  sport over team as the country base.every European country has a football ground .

The enchantment and soul of the excellent amusement rises above age and time.

Stories are told and gone down through the ages of the colossal players, the most vital matches and the most brilliant airs.

Obviously, this would not be conceivable without said awesome players and their individual groups and fans, however without a stadium to have and exemplify every one of that sticks in our psyches, the insignificant recollections would be lost. Gone until the end of time.

In this way, in view of that, we’ll rank the main 20 stadiums in world football. To enable me to settle on where they ought to go, I will decide size of the stadium, environment and visual interest to rank them all together.there are different best ground in the world


  • 1 Azadi Stadium (Tehran, Iran)
  • 2. De Meer Stadion (Amsterdam)Best FootBall Stadium in the world
  • 3. Estadio Da Luz (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • 4. Ibrox Stadium (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • 5. Juventus Stadium (Turin, Italy)
  • 6. Celtic Park (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • 7. Anfield (Liverpool, England)
  • 8. Estadio Azteca (Mexico City)
  • 9. The Maracana (Rio de Janeiro)
  • 10. Wembley Stadium (London)


 Read More:- Did you realize that not all pitches are a similar size?

The length of a pitch must be between 100 yards (90 m) and 130 yards (120 m) and the width at the very least 50 yards (45 m) and not in excess of 100 yards (90 m).

Also, shouldn’t something be said about where the vast majority of the activity happens – the punishment box?

Measurements of a football pitch

It is otherwise called the 18-yard-box, with the littler territory – set apart out inside it – called the six-yard-box.

This is the place a portion of the world’s best strikers procure their living.

What’s more, for all you punishment takers – or savers – out there, the most renowned spot in football sits 12 yards (11 m) from objective.

Last, however not minimum, that wooden thing at each finish of the pitch they call the objective.

Think you know how huge it is? It’s eight feet high (2.44 m) and eight yards wide (7.32 m).

the ground is the place where people come  to see the match and enjoying very much. ground play a very important role in a matches. every country has a ground of football . so it will create a passion and a professional play made them.



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